"I’ve always been health conscious but the Centre gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a medical plan in place and a team of healthcare professionals who genuinely care about my wellbeing.


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Our Belief

Healthcare Reform...

Your Life Depends On It!

Our Mission

Delivery of a continually reliable and comprehensive technological service at a world class standard for the health sectors.

Creating conducive work environment.

High professional performance.

Full proof protection of information.


Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to provide consultancy services to the healthcare delivery sectors (public and private) in designing, delivering, enhancing or improving its IT technical environment, and a major gateway for the development of the concept of e-government applications, linking the healthcare delivery sector establishments with other health and non sectors by providing direct services through advanced information network.

Our Technology partners are considered the best companies around the globe; they have had their outstanding contribution to the development of a global information network serving the health sectors. We keen to bring the best consulting firms in the field of information technology services to the health sector in the kingdom.