"I’ve always been health conscious but the Centre gives me peace of mind knowing that I have a medical plan in place and a team of healthcare professionals who genuinely care about my wellbeing.


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PowerHealth Solutions is an international healthcare software company specialising in Costing & Revenue, Enterprise Billing and Patient Safety software for hospitals and other healthcare organisations.

Costing & Revenue

PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) is a web-based system that calculates service delivery costs and funding revenue based on clinical and financial data consolidated from other healthcare systems, to support business decisions.


- Costing

- Revenue

- Reporting

- Reporting Framework

Enterprise Billing

PowerBilling & Revenue Collection (PBRC) is an international healthcare billing application that tackles the complexities of the healthcare industry.

It is a highly automated system that integrates easily with patient management or clinical systems to source the data required to generate invoices using local billing rules.


- Integration

- Billing

- Accounts Receivable

- Electronic Claims

- General Ledger

- Reporting